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What can I do for you?

I'm a visual storyteller passionate about finding magic in the mundane and extraordinary in the ordinary.

I have more than 10 years of experience in crafting documentary, editorial and branded contents from early concept to post-production.


I directed, filmed, and edited dozens of short and mid form videos for clients ranging from VICE Media, Rakuten TV, The Belgian public television RTBF, Arnette Eyewear, Nike, Iittala Glassworks, Sonar Festival, among others.  I work either on my own or with filming crews. My work was recognised in various international film festivals.

During pre-production, I do research when the story doesn't exist yet and write treatments and scripts. I can set up teams adapted to the context and available budget.

During production, I can operate the camera or work with a DoP, interview contributors and / or direct crews or talents.

During post-production, if not editing myself,  I follow-up the post-production process until delivery.

Depending of your needs, I can be in charge of everything or only a specific part of the process.

Still photography

As photographer, I document events with a personal vision and a narrative oriented approach to convey a story to the viewer in a way that is not only visually and emotionally strong, but also informative and insightful.

I've covered events for Primavera Sound Festival (ES), Bestival (UK), Secret Garden Party (UK), Mobile World Congress (ES), Marriot Hotels aswel as several behind the scenes for film and advertising productions in Europe and the United States.



NAME: Jean-Marc Joseph
STATUS: Freelance filmmaker & photographer available worldwide
LANGUAGES: French, Spanish, English, Portuguese and Dutch
(Not necessarily in that order) 

Career Highlights

CHAPTER V: 2021 - Today

Freelance filmmaker and photographer based in Barcelona, working everywhere. Ongoing assignements and past highlights include:

Current Co-director and Camera Operator at "Le Jardin Extraordinaire", a wildlife TV show broadcasted on RTBF, the Belgian National Public Television. "Le Jardin Extraordinaire" is the oldest and most-viewed show of the public channel after the news.

Current Freelance Director / Camera Operator at VICE and VICE NEWS, covering current affairs topics including:

  • "The Skeletons of Spain's Fascist Past": Documenting mass graves exhumations in Northern Spain to unearth Spain's Fascist Past. Achieved 250k views on YouTube.
  • "Escaping Spain’s Volcano": A 12-minute documentary about the eruption of a volcano on the Spanish isle of La Palma, which forced residents to flee lava flows, ash fallout, and toxic gas. Achieved 1 million views on YouTube.

Co-director and Development Producer, "FAST FORWARD": A Rakuten TV original documentary series produced by VICE STUDIOS about emerging technologies. The series was produced over 18 months and was released in in over 15 countries. (September 2021 - October 2022 )

Personal Projects : I am actively engaged in personal film projects and experimental film collaborations.  AGAINST ALL ODDS, ASCENSION and IMPULSE have been selected in international short film festivals such as BARCIFF, Barcelona Indie Filmmakers Fest, Tokyo Shorts, Short to the point, or Milan Short Film Festival.

CHAPTER IV: 2018 - 2021

Senior Director / Producer, Vice Media Group (February 2018 - January 2021)

Responsibilities and Skills: Research and writing of treatments. Creating and maintaining a creative and narrative vision for each film. Directing the crew, interviewing contributors, and operating the camera. Overseeing editing and post-production processes until delivery. During this period I directed and shot dozens of documentaries and branded content broadcasted on Vice video channels, including:

  • "Europe’s Forgotten Graveyard": A 23-minute documentary shot aboard the rescue ship OPEN ARMS depicting the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean. Reached 2.3 million views on ViceNEWS YouTube channel.
  • "Bad Gyal in Jamaica": A short documentary following rising Spanish artist BAD GYAL and her crew in the process of creating her new song "Unknown Feeling," together with the choreographer Zidan Xqlusiv in Kingston, Jamaica.
  • "Flat Earth FC": A 12-minute film about a Madrid-based Flat Earthers football team that became the first club in the world to represent an idea rather than a geographic location.


CHAPTER III: 2012 - 2018

Freelance documentary filmmaker and photographer 

  • Still photographer and assistant director on the shooting of "Extraordinary Africa," a wildlife documentary series produced by Wild Cloud Production for Belgian public TV, RTBF, later sold to National Geographic. (November 2013)
  • Travel solo across South America. Part of this bicycle journey was published as a photo essay in ELDORADO, a travel bookzine by Folch Studio. (2014)
  • Self-produced a short documentary, "ALTINHA," shot in Brazil, premiered on NOWNESS and selected in 7 international film festivals (2017).
  • Teach  "Directing audiovisual projects for designers" at ELISAVA, Barcelona School of Design and Engineering. (From 2011 to 2018)


CHAPTER II: 1999 - 2012

"Head of Audiovisual & Shareholder" at BaseDesign, overseeing productions across the company offices in Barcelona, Brussels, Madrid, and New York. (January 2010 - January 2013)

  • Responsibilities and Skills: Creative direction of audiovisual projects (Concept / treatment / storyboards). Management of creative issues with clients. Follow-up of production team & external providers.

Video and Motion Design Director at international branding agency BaseDesign Brussels (1998 - 2004)  

Graphic designer at international branding agency BaseDesign Brussels (1998 - 2004)   


Born in Brussels, Belgium.

Licenciate degree in Visual Communication at ERG, Ecole de Recherche Graphique, Brussels.

After graduating, moved to Québec, Canada, for a 6-month internship as a graphic designer.





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Email: jm@superjeanmarc.com